The new address for quality food and great music…
The newest brand by Crew Restaurant Group!
Serving the most favorite representatives of the Modern European cuisine in its menu renewed with a sense of original brasserie, Zoie Brasserie & Lounge is one of the most favored venues in the city…
In addition to an influential kitchen, with its bar offering a wide selection of cocktails and a casual ambiance of comfortable sitting, Zoie Brasserie & Lounge is also the new address for quality music, including live sessions and DJ performances, serving at Atakule – the symbol of Ankara.


Completing quality food and great music with a casual ambiance, Zoie Brasserie & Lounge says hello, with a menu renewed by original interpretations of experienced Chef Sertan Gürkan!
In addition to lunches and dinners, Zoie Brasserie & Lounge is also a new address for after-work meetings, becoming one of the most favored venues in the city by hosting both delightful meals and quality entertainment.


By the way, @zoiebrasserie is the 5th brand by @crewgroup and managed by Selçuk TÜRKÖZ, the genius of the sector.

Ömür Akkor@omurakkor

Should try: a good candidate for fine dining.

Alp Dündar@alpdundar

Great atmosphere, delicious tastes. Thank you. @selcuktrkz @crewgroup @zoiebrasserie

Gökmen Sözen - FoodinLife Dergisi

Everything is great, but the olive tree rising in the middle of the hall is the final point! Immortality, wisdom, purity, hygiene, nobility and the olive tree adding value to the restaurant! Marvelous.

Bilge Keykubat